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Industries in Hajira

Industries in Hajira

Hajira is an industrial town located at the estuary of river Tapi on National Highway 6.  Apart from deep water port and an LNG Terminal, the city houses more than 20 large and medium scale industries. Some of these are located inside the city while others are located in its vicinity.

Essar Steel in Hajira

Essar is one of the large scale industrial complexes in Hajira. It comprises of a large steel mill, a pipe mill and a plate mill. Among them, the steel complex has a total investment of 300 billion rupees. It houses a fully integrated facility that has a steel making capacity of 10 MTPA. Moreover, it is the only steel making facility in the world that has incorporated three different technologies such as Blast Furnace, Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant and Corex at a single location.  They together offer great operational flexibility and a protection against the fluctuation in the supply of quality raw material. 

Moreover, the Direct Reduced Iron plant at the Essar Complex is the largest in the world. It has six modules with a total capacity of 6.8 MTPA. In addition, the complex also has 8.6 MTPA hot rolled coil plant, 2 MTPA Cold Rolling plant, two pickling lines with a combined capacity of 1.4 MTPA, and two galvanizing lines with an aggregate capacity of 1 MTPA. 

Essar Pipe Line Plant in Hajira

Essar Complex in Hajira

As we have already said, along with the steel mill, the Essar Complex in Hajira also has a pipe line plant that produce longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipes and helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes. To prevent corrosion and erosions, the pipes are coated using latest technologies such as Dual layer FBE, 3 LPE, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), Cement Gunniting, 3 LPP and Polyurethane, Liquid Paint and Corrosion Resistance techniques etc.

Essar Plate Mill in Hajira

Essar also has a plate mill located within its Hazira Complex.  It is one of the largest plate making mills in India. The plates produced at this mill have a width of 5000 mm and a strength level of 1500 MPA. To manufacture such high quality plates, the plant uses state of art technology such as TMCR, indirect radiant heating, direct quenching, roller water quenching and tempering, in-line ultrasonic testing etc.

Reliance Industries at Hajira

Reliance Industry in Hajira

Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai Ambani, is another major industrial house in Hajira Their facility in Hajira is spread over 1000 acres of land. Here they manufacture a wide range of products including polymers, polyesters, fiber intermidiates and petro chemicals.

The Reliance plant in Hajira was commissioned in two stages with a total investment of three billion US dollars.  While the first phase was commissioned in 1997-92, the second phase was started in 1995. In the first phase, the company laid stress on infrastructure building. In addition, it started manufacturing a wide range of products such as Ethylene oxide, Mono-Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Poly Vinyl Chloride and High Density Polyethylene.  In the second phase, the company commissioned a Polyester Complex, Polypropylene (PP), Naphtha Cracker, Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) plants etc. In addition, it also expanded the plants built in phase 1.

Shell Gas and Total Gaz Electricité in Hajira

LNG Terminal at Hajira

Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and Port in Hajira has been built by Shell Gas B.V (Shell) in collaboration with Total Gaz Electricité Holdings France (Total) and is now being managed by them.  Both these companies are reputed all over the world as prime LNG suppliers. With a total investment of Rs. 3000 crores, the LNG Terminal in Hajira represents the largest foreign direct investment in India. It has the largest LNG storage system in India and supplies the same to a large number of customers in different industrial segments such as power, fertilizer, steel, ceramic etc. in addition, it is the first terminal to introduce Spot LNG supplies in India.

Larsen and Toubro in Hajira

Larsen & Toubro in Hajira

Larsen & Toubro has a multi facility complex spread over 200 acres of land in Hajira.  The complex contains a heavy engineering facility, modular fabrication facility (MFF) and a power equipment manufacturing facility.  Among them, the heavy engineering plant in Hajira includes a ship building facility. It also has the largest forging facility, large material handling capability as well as a roll on roll off slipway.  In addition, the modular fabrication facility in this complex is the largest in Asia and is capable of producing several large modules simultaneously.

KRIBHCO in Hajira

KRIBHCO in Hajira

Krishok Bharati Cooperative Ltd is a medium scale industry in Hajira. Here they have set up a fertilizer complex, which not only manufactures products like urea, ammonia, bio-fertilizers, but also liquid argon gas for use in the bulb industries.

The foundation stone of this plant was laid in 1982.  Initially, It had two ammonia plants with 1350 MTPD and 4 urea plants with 1100 MTPD The installed capacity was 8.91 Lakh MT Ammonia and 14.52 Lakh MT of Urea. In 2013, the complex was revamped and facilities were upgraded. Today, the rated capacity of the plant has been enhanced to 2 x 3325 MTPD of Urea (21.95 LMTPA) and 2 x 1890 MTPD Ammonia (12.47 LMTPA). With this, the urea plant in Hajira has become the largest urea plant at a single location in India. The company now produces both solid and liquid bio gas. However, it now has a plan to shift to liquid bio gas completely.

Few Other Industries in Hajira

In addition to the above mentioned names, few other companies have also set up their unit here. Among them, we can mention Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum, National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation, Cairn Energy etc. These companies mostly deal in energy sector. In addition, ultra Tech Cement of Aditya Birla Group also has a unit here. In general, the industrial scenario in Hajira is very bright.

At the same time, we must add that such rapid industrialization had initially created some environmental problems. But now, the corporate houses have taken up steps to rectify this. For example, Shell has taken initiative to develop a mangrove forest in the estuary of Tapi. Essar has contributed generously for the development of wetland and construction of a bird sanctuary near Hajira. In short, industries here have contributed openhandedly for the welfare of the town.

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